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Quantum Consulting LLC | Kansas City, MO

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Working at Sandler

We need highly qualified people who are passionate about what they do.

Find success with a dynamic and growing company

Join a Winning Team

As the top sales and management training company in the world, the feeling in our offices is dynamic, fast-paced and cutting-edge. We’re fully engaged in creating job fulfillment in the people who work here.

To that end, we offer a competitive salary and benefits package, flexible schedules to help our employees achieve work/life balance, and ongoing training that helps them advance in their careers.

Please feel free to get in touch if you believe you would be a fit on our team.




We are looking for a professional Salesperson, not an Account Manager, Product Specialist, Regional District Coordinator, or Customer Service Representative. We will hire someone proud to be called a Salesperson. Henry Ford said, “Nothing happens until someone sells something.” If you believe that sales is the most important job in any company, and you believe in yourself and sales ability, then we would like to talk to you about joining our team.


We love to write commission checks. The bigger, the better! Your income will only be limited by your own self-worth and ability as a salesperson. If you can earn more than our president, congratulations! We will be happy to pay it. Also, we work on goal-time, not clock-time. This can be good or bad. If you are making your sales goals and all the money you want, you can work whenever and however you choose. If you are not making your goals, you will be asked to work harder, smarter, and sometimes longer.


This is an outside sales position, and it means prospecting for leads, networking, setting new appointments, building relationships, and closing deals. If you do not enjoy those things, you will not like this job. You must enjoy selling and always strive to improve your skills and performance. You must also have a passion for helping others discover what is in their best interest. You must be committed to sales success, and have a strong desire to the best salesperson in Kansas City. We help our customers maximized their potential, so our team is a reflection of our product.


We are looking for an individual with a minimum of 3 years of successful sales experience making $100k plus. This person must be a competitive individual with a history of winning and must believe they can earn more than $200k annually in commission sales.


The bottom line of professional sales is going to the bank. However, Sander salespeople take only what is needed to accomplish the task. You will be expected to attend a minimum of 2 hours training per week, attend networking events, perform other prospecting activities to create new contacts, set appointments with decision-makers, and close sales. Minimum activity levels are required.
If you are this person and wish to join a team of professionals in the training & development industry, please email your cover letter and resume to: