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Quantum Consulting LLC | Kansas City, MO

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Grow Your Business. Grow Your People. Grow Yourself.

Owners & CEOs

Is your organization's performance and results merely adequate, or perhaps even below par? We offer guidance, resources, and an environment conducive to the pursuit and achievement of excellence. 


Struggling with team management, revenue targets, and pipeline accuracy? Our proven system enhances leadership, boosts team performance, and drives growth.

Individual Professionals

Sales pros want to close more deals for higher earnings. We teach effective behaviors, attitudes, and techniques for improved closing rates, boosting your annual income.

Reviews from Our Clients...

Erik Juergensen, Director of Operations, REALTOR<®>, Dream Properties RE, Kansas City, MO

"We decided to invest in ourselves with Sandler as part of our company growth objectives. Even though we are still in the thick of it, the experience has already been transformative. From topics like recruiting and hiring or managing organizational change, the insights, and education are already shaping better leadership as we reshape our business."

Ross Passantino, Director of Sales & Marketing, Watchmen Security Services, Kansas City, MO

"We have our entire sales team in training with Quantum. We give Quantum huge credit for our growth as a company and for teaching us to communicate better so we can live out our Watchmen Core Values."

Alex Peters, Media Strategy Lead, RSM Marketing, Lenexa, KS

"Informative, supportive, engaging & eye-opening are a few descriptions that come to mind when I think of Sandler by Quantum Consulting. I've been part of numerous companies that tried to implement processes offered by companies like Sandler that were unsuccessful due to those participating not being invested in the materials for a number of reasons, mainly being: 1) Not engaged & 2) Can't see the purpose or need of this. Not once did I see this trend continue with Sandler. From day one, Sandler prepared us for implementation and process creation at a company-wide level. The return is already being felt & the results have been fantastic."