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The Roadmap to Organizational Excellence

Sandler’s Leadership for Organizational Excellence is the antidote to blind spots, which sets your organization on the road with eyes wide open and keeps you moving forward toward success.

6 P's

Most leaders are passionate about their business and they want to move their company into the top rank. Despite best intentions, sometimes their efforts fall short and the missing element is something not easily identified.

"Excellent" caliber businesses are growing and expanding, and constantly moving beyond comfort zone to adjust to changing technology and market conditions.

At Sandler, we’ve noticed that At-Risk and Well-managed businesses typically fall prey to a majority of the common blind spots.

We help organizations dive deep into and develop their 6 P's.



What are your personal priorities?
Does your vision for the business support those priorities?
What are your top three Key Priorities for the business?

How should you document and formalize best practices into clear processes that people can and do follow?
What processes need to be updated?
What processes need to be created from scratch?

What is the ideal organizational chart?
What should the job descriptions say?
What attitudes and habits do you not want in the organization?

What kinds of tracking reports and dashboards should you use?
How should you build performance metrics into specific job descriptions?
How should you conduct performance appraisals?

Which current employees will fit in immediately with the strategic plan?
Which current employees might fit with some development?
How do you recruit, hire, and retain talented people to fill the gaps?

What will make the journey toward excellence a way of life -- not just a short-term project?
How do you sustain the energy and the drive needed to grow the business over time?
How can you share your passion for what you do … so that others in the organization are motivated too?

Our Upcoming Events

April 1st, 2021

At Sandler, we’ve noticed that At-Risk and Well-Managed businesses typically fall prey to a majority of the common blind spots.

During this briefing we'll discuss your top 3 blind spots, which will be identified on attendees completed surveys.

In this 1.5 hour session be prepared for a lively, interactive discussion with other top business leaders. 


Learn more about these blind spots and what to do about them.

Join us virtually on April 1st from 11:30am - 1pm


Organizational Excellence Training Curriculum

Leadership for Organizational Excellence covers the 6 P’s and 24 Steps to Success. This curriculum is designed to be an intensive workshop, leading you through the completion of each of the 24 steps on the road to excellence. Leveling up is a choice and a process that can be mastered.Every week will be a different focus.

We take a deep dive with an intensive 24 Step Program that will build confidence in your Leadership and move your organization forward.

STEP 1: Developing Your Personal Vision
STEP 2: Building the Organizational Vision, Mission, and Values
STEP 3: Analysis of External Environment
STEP 4: SWOT Analysis
STEP 5: Revisit Organizational Vision
STEP 6: Identify Key Priorities
STEP 7: Establish Expectations for Key Priorities
STEP 8: Action Items, Due Dates, and Assignment of Responsibility
STEP 9: Allocation of Resources to Accomplish Action Plans
STEP 10: Regular Planning Review Process
STEP 11: Determine the Structure Needed to Implement the Plan
STEP 12: Identify Skill Sets and Other Attributes Needed for Each Function

STEP 13: Create/Update Job Descriptions for Each Function
STEP 14: Assess Current Employees to Determine Who Fits
STEP 15: Determine New Employees Needed and Recruit
STEP 16: Establish a Budget for Training and Development
STEP 17: Create Individual Development Plans
STEP 18: Evaluate and Revise Processes
STEP 19: Establish Individual Metrics for Each Employee (Accountability)
STEP 20: Conduct Regular Performance Appraisals/Evaluations
STEP 21: Conduct Employee Surveys
STEP 22: Create Tracking Reports to Maintain Control of the Business
STEP 23: Monitor Board/Advisory Group Performance
STEP 24: Acceleration